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QShell Commands miobjtype and exobjtype

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QShell commands miobjtype and exobjtype convert an external object type to MI (Machine Interface) object type and vice versa. The term MI object type is also refered to as internal object type which consists of two bytes of hexadecimal type codes. The first byte is type code, the second is sub-type code. For example, external object type *USRQ's MI object type is hex 0A02 in which hex 0A is *USRQ's type code (the same with all other types of i5/OS queue objects), and hex 02 is *USRQ's sub-type code (different from all other types of queue objects).


   > qsh
   > miobjtype *USRQ
   > miobjtype *OCUR
   > exobjtype 0401
   > exobjtype 0A01

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