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Authorization Management

System-builtin Headers

System Builtins
System Builtin Name MI Instruction name Prototype Name Description Usage Examples

_MATAU1, _MATAU2 MATAU matau1, matau2 Materialize Authority t110.rpgle. Test of MATAU.

_MATAL MATAL matal Materialize Authority List t111.rpgle.

_MATAUU MATAUU matauu Materialize authorized users t032.rpgle. Retrieve privately authorized user profiles to a program object.

_MODINVAU MODINVAU modinvau Modify Invocation Authority Attributes t112.rpgle.

_TESTAU1, _TESTAU2 TESTAU testau1, testau2 Test Authority t113.rpgle. Test of TESTAU.

_TESTEAU3, _TESTEAU4 TESTEAU testeau3, testeau4 Test Extended Authorities t115.rpgle. Test of TESTEAU.

_MATUPID MATUPID matupid Materialize User Profile Pointers from ID t114.rpgle. Materialize all USRPRFs and corresponding uids/gids.

_TESTULA TESTULA testula Test User List Authority t116.rpgle. Test of TESTULA.

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