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Machine Interface Support Functions

System-builtin Headers

System Builtins
System Builtin Name MI Instruction name Prototype Name Description Usage Examples

_GENUUID GENUUID genuuid Generate universal unique identifier

_MATTOD MATMDATA mattod materializes time-of-day clock as local time.

_MATMDATA MATMDATA matmdata Materialize Machine Data t117.rpgle. Test of MATMDATA.

_MATMATR1 MATMATR matmatr Materialize Machine Attributes
  • t076.rpgle. Materialize serial number of the machine.
  • t120.rpgle. Test of _MATMATR1.
    • machine serial number
    • time-of-day clock with clock-offset
    • NETA (network attributes)
    • IPL request status
    • LIC VRM
  • t133.rpgle. Retrieve UPS information by materializing the MISR.
  • t147.rpgle. Materialize HMC information.

_MATMIF MATMIF matmif Materialize Machine Information t124.rpgle.

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