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Object Lock Management

System-builtin Headers

System Builtins
System Builtin Name MI Instruction name Prototype Name Description Usage Examples

_LOCK LOCK lockobj Lock Object t088.rpgle. Test of _LOCK and _UNLOCK.

_UNLOCK UNLOCK unlockobj Unlock Object t088.rpgle. Test of _LOCK and _UNLOCK. t089.rpgle. Test of _LOCK and _UNLOCK.

_LOCKSL1, _LOCKSL2 LOCKSL locksl1, locksl2 Lock Space Location t090.rpgle. Test of _LOCKSL1 and _UNLOCKSL1. t091.rpgle. Test of _LOCKSL2 and _UNLOCKSL2.

_LOCKTSL LOCKTSL locktsl Lock Teraspace Storage Location t092.rpgle. Test of _LOCKTSL and _UNLCKTSL.

_UNLCKTSL UNLCKTSL unlcktsl Unlock Teraspace Storage Location t092.rpgle. Test of _LOCKTSL and _UNLCKTSL.

_MATAOL MATAOL mataol Materialize Allocated Object Locks t093.rpgle. Test of _MATAOL.

_MATOBJLK MATOBJLK matobjlk Materialize Object Locks t097.rpgle. Test of _MATOBJLK.

_MATPRLK1 MATPRLK matprlk1 Materialize Process Locks of the current MI process. t094.rpgle. Test of _MATPRLK1.

_MATPRLK2 MATPRLK matprlk2 Materialize Process Locks of a specified MI process. t095.rpgle. Test of _MATPRLK2.

_MATSELLK MATSELLK matsellk Materialize Materialize Selected Locks t096.rpgle. Test of _MATSELLK.

_MATPRECL MATPRECL matprecl Materialize Process Record Locks t099.rpgle. Test of _MATPRECL. Test this program along with t099up.rpgle .

_MATDRECL MATDRECL matdrecl Materialize Data Space Record Locks ~

_XFRLOCK XFRLOCK xfrlock Transfer Object Lock t100.rpgle.
  • Resolve system pointer to *USRSPC *LIBL/SPR37.
  • Load PCS ptr stored by program SPR37 (see spr37.emi).
  • Transfer object locks to MI process identified by PCS ptr.

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