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Process and Thread Management

System-builtin Headers

System Builtins
System Builtin Name MI Instruction name Prototype Name Description Usage Examples

_PCOPTR PCOPTR pcoptr Return PCO pointer. t019.rpgle. Get the SEPT and the system pointer to the QTEMP.

_PCOPTR2 PCOPTR2 pcoptr2 Return PCO pointer. t054.rpgle. Test of ept54.rpgleinc.

_MATPRAGP MATPRAGP matpragp Materialize process activation groups. t024.rpgle. List all activation groups in the current MI process.

_RETTHCNT RETTHCNT retthcnt Retrieve thread count. t078.rpgle. Test of _RETTHCNT, _TSTINLTH, and _TESTINTR.

_RETTHID RETTHID retthid Retrieve thread identifier .t038rpgle. Test of pthread thread-specific storage (TLS) APIs.

_TSTINLTH TSTINLTH tstinlth Test initial thread t078.rpgle. Test of _RETTHCNT, _TSTINLTH, and _TESTINTR.

_TESTINTR TESTINTR testintr Test pending interrupts t078.rpgle. Test of _RETTHCNT, _TSTINLTH, and _TESTINTR.

_WAITTIME WAITTIME waittime Wait on Time

_MATPRATR1 MATPRATR matpratr1 Materialize Process Attributes
  • t079.rpgle. Retrieve run priority of the current MI process.
  • t167.rpgle. Retrieve the NRL (Name Resolution List) of an MI process, aka. the library list of an activate job.

_MATPRATR2 MATPRATR matpratr1 Materialize Process Attributes t080.rpgle. Retrieve run priority of a specified MI process.

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