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Pointer/Name Resolution

System-builtin Headers

System Builtins
System Builtin Name MI Instruction name Prototype Name Description Usage Examples

_CMPPTRA CMPPTRA cmpptra Compare Pointer for Object Addressability t081.rpgle. Test of _CMPPTRA.

_CMPPTRT CMPPTRT cmpptrt Compare pointer type.

_CPYBWP CPYBWP cpybwp Copy bytes with pointers. ~

_MATPTR MATPTR matptr Materialize pointer

_MATPTRL MATPTRL matptrl Materialize Pointer Locations t082.rpgle. Test of _MATPTRL. This test program finds out the locations of pointers within a data structure.

_RSLVDP1, _RSLVDP2, _RSLVDP3 RSLVDP rslvdp1, rslvdp2, rslvdp3 Resolve Data Pointer
  • t083_b.emi. Export an character variable named VVV.
  • t083.rpgle. Resolve and use data pointer exported by t083_b.emi.

_RSLVSP2, _RSLVSP4 RSLVSP rslvsp2, rslvsp4 Resolve system pointer

_RETTSADR RETTSADR rettsadr Retrieve Teraspace Address From Space Pointer t085.rpgle.

_SETSPPFP SETSPPFP setsppfp Set space pointer from pointer. t059.rpgle. Test of _XLATEB and _SETSPPFP where _SETSPPFP is used to address the data in a space object.

_SETSPFP SETSPFP setspfp Set system pointer from pointer. ~

_TESTPTR TESTPTR testptr Test pointer. t038.rpgle. Test of pthread thread-specific storage (TLS) APIs. In this example program, _TESTPTR is used to test a teraspace pointer.

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