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The as-400 subproject is currently in the prototype stage. Now AS3 classes that cooperate with the IBM i remote command server has just been tested. They work great!

Also, we're looking for a free access to an IBM i server so that we can deploy our demostration environment. Any help from you will be appreciated. Help us, to bring the exciting combination to the world, the Flash platform with IBM i.

The name of the subproject is an acronym for "ActionScript and AS/400". This subproject provides supports for ActionScript 3.0 (the core programming language of Adobe Flash) to access an IBM i server via the IBM i host servers . With the supports of the ActionScript (AS3) programming language and the Flex Framework, Flash have became an applicable choice for building Web-based, client/server model, or distributed applications that need extremely beautiful and highly interoperable UI. But there is still a lack of means by which an AS3 program (aka. a .swf file) can access resources of an IBM i server directly via IBM i host servers, such as the database server, the remote command server, the file server, etc. The ability to access these IBM i host servers can bring the following benefits to a programming language:

At the other hand, the benefits for IBM i to allow ActionScript to connect to it are the following:

This subproject has just been launched at June 1, 2011 with a single demo Flash file that calls an IBM i program via the Remote command and distributed program call server (See Demenstrations). We're eager to hear your feedbacks and opinions of this subproject. Here're what we want to know from you:

Any advice or opinion from you is welcome. You can post your comments in our open discussion forum .


How to get as-400?

You can get the source of the subproject like the following:
svn export

Getting started with as-400

Since the security limitation of Flash, to enable a Flash client to connect to a remote server via sockets, the Flash client must load a valid security policy file from the remote server. This page, How to set up a security policy server for Flash clients at an IBM i server? shows you how to setup a policy server on your IBM i server.
Here's an example. Say you want to call a program called SOMEPGM that resides in library SOMELIB on your IBM i server from a Flash program,, and SOMEPGM takes a single CHAR(8) output parameter. You can:


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Here're a list of techniqual tips on using AS3 classes provided by as-400.

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