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CL Command Create Object from STMF (CRTFRMSTMF)

CL command Create Object from STMF (CRTFRMSTMF) is designed to enable miscellaneous create-commands that do NOT support stream file source code to create objects from source stream files. For example, the Create Bound CL Program (CRTBNDCL) command, and the Create Command (CRTCMD) command. The purpose of CRTFRMSTMF is that all types of i5/OS source code can be maintained in and built from stream files in i5/OS Integrated File System (IFS). CRTFRMSTMF works as a proxy layer between IFS stream source files and create-commands that only accept source code stored in physical file (PF) members. When invoked, CRTFRMSTMF copies the source code stored in SRCSTMF to a temparory PF member, invokes the create-command specified by parameter CMD on the temparory PF member and passes parameters to the target create-command specified in parameter PARM.

The create-commands currently supported by CRTFRMSTMF are:

Parameters of CL Command CRTFRMSTMF

Keyword Description Choices Notes

OBJ Object. Qualified object name Required, positional 1.

Qualifier 1: Object Generic name, name, *ALL

Qualifier 2: Library Name, *CURLIB

CMD Create-command name. Name Required, positional 2.

SRCSTMF Source stream file. Path name Required, positional 3.

PARM Addtional command parameters (except SRCFILE and SRCMBR). Character value Optional, positional 4.


Qualified object name of the object to be created with target create-command.

Qualifier 1: Object
Specify the name of the created object to be created.

Qualifier 2: Library
Specify the name of the library where the created object is to be stored.

The creatd object is to be stored in the current library.


Name of the create-command used to create the object. The create-commands currently supported by CRTFRMSTMF are:


Specifies the path name of the stream file containing the source code from which the object is to be created. The path name can be either absolutely or relatively qualified.


Specifies parameters to be passed target create-command, except SRCFILE and SRCMBR.


The following CL command create the CRTFRMSTMF command (*CMD) object itself from source stream file
        OBJ(I5TOOLKIT/CRTFRMSTMF)       /* Name of the target command object */
        CMD(CRTCMD)                     /* Create-command to use */
        SRCSTMF('')    /* Relative path name of the source stream file */
                                        /* Command parameters to command CRTCMD */

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