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Compiler Includes

Two special IFS directories referred to as compiler include directories are provided with each release package of the project.

Files under these directories are referred to as compiler includes. The compiler include directories are placed at the end of search path list each time the MI/EMI compiler MIC tries to locate a file being included.

Purpose of the compiler includes is nothing but to save MI/EMI programmer's time spent on tedious and error-prone hand-hacking on:

Compiler Include Directory /usr/local/include/emi/api

Files under this directory are API concerned.

File Name Description Usage Example

qusaddui.emi For user index API QUSADDUI (Add User Index Entries) insidx.emi

qusdltus.emi For user space API QUSDLTUS test.dltus.emi

qusec.emi API error code structures test.dltus.emi


For API QUSROBJD (Retrieve Object Description) dspidxd.emi


For API QUSRUIAT (Retrieve User Index Attributes) dspidxd.emi

Compiler Include Directory /usr/local/include/emi/mi

File under this directory.

File Name Description Usage Example


For program execution instructions ~


For pointer/name resolution instructions insidx.emi

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