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Build the Project from Source Code

Some subprojects of the project are headers (copy books) to be included in your HLL programs, and needn't to be compiled; for example, System-builtin Headers and Examples for ILE HLLs. While some other subprojects are utilities in forms of programs, CL commands, panel group objects, and so on; these subprojects need to be compile before be used. At each release of the project, compiled components of these subprojects in format of *SAVF are provided in the bin directory of the release package.

To build the project from source code, you need to:

Get the source code of the project

To get the source code of the project by either downing the latest release package or exporting from the project's svn repository.

Upload source files to your IBM i server and compile them via the PASE make utility

By release 0.2.16, all subprojects of the project can be build via the PASE make utility (see the build script called makefile under each subporject's directory, e.g. cm/makefile).

After getting the source of the project, you can build the project by the following steps


CCSID of Source Files

The CCSID of a source file created in the PASE environment is determined by the system values for national language QLANGID and QCNTRYID. For languages that use DBCS character sets (e.g. Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Japanese), the default CCSID of a stream file created in the PASE environment is 1208 (CCSID of UTF-8).

We've noticed that at release V5R2 of i5/OS, some compilers and utilities do NOT work very well with stream source files of CCSID 1208. For example, the ILE C compiler (e.g. CRTBNDC) cannot open stream source unit of CCSID 1208; the CPYFRMSTMF command will also fail to copy a stream file of CCSID 1208 to a source PF member. To avoid this problem on a V5R2 machine, you can change the CCSID of your stream files to 819 by the setccsid command. For example, the following command changes CCSID of the source files in directory src to 819 recursively.

$ setccsid -R 819 src

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