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Computation and Branching

System-builtin Headers

System Builtins
System Builtin Name MI Instruction name Prototype Name Description Usage Examples

_CLRBTS CLRBTS cltbts Clear bit in string t047.rpgle. Test of _CLRBTS and _SETBTS.
cbl003.cblle. Test of _CLRBTS and _SETBTS.

_CPRDATA CPRDATA cprdata Compress data t034.rpgle. Compress/decompress data using IBM LZ1 algorithm.

_CPYECLAP CPYECLAP cpyeclap Copy extended characters left-adjusted with pad. t060.rpgle. Truncate an open character string safely.

_LBCPYNV CPYNV lbcpynv Copy numeric value. t051.rpgle. Test of _LBCPYNV and _LBCPYNVR.
cl006.clle. Computing timestamp duration. In this example, CPYNV is used to convert the result packed timestamp-duration to character format (zoned).

_LBCPYNVR CPYNV lbcpynvr Copy numeric value and half-adjust the result. t051.rpgle. Test of _LBCPYNV and _LBCPYNVR.

_CMPSWP1, _CMPSWP2, _CMPSW4, _CMPSWP8 CMPSW _cmpswp1, _cmpswp2, _cmpsw4, _cmpswp8 Compare and Swap t086.rpgle.

_CVTEFN CVTEFN cvtefn Convert external form to numeric value t048.rpgle. Convert character form numeric data (e.g. '$35.65-') to numeric value.

_DCPDATA DCPDATA dcpdata Decompress data t034.rpgle. Compress/decompress data using IBM LZ1 algorithm.

_SETBTS SETBTS cltbts Clear bit in string t047.rpgle. Test of _CLRBTS and _SETBTS.
cbl003.cblle. Test of _CLRBTS and _SETBTS.

_TSTBTS TSTBTS tstbts Test bit in string t028.rpgle. Materialize system pointer description. cbl014.cblle

_ACOS ACOS acos Arc cosine t001.rpgle, t005.rpgle

_ANDCSTR ANDCSTR andcstr And Complemented String t002.rpgle

_ANDSTR ANDSTR andstr And string t003.rpgle

_ASIN ASIN asin Arc sine t004.rpgle

_ATAN ATAN atan Arc tangent t005.rpgle

_ATANH ATANH atanh Arc tangent hyperbolic t005.rpgle

__strlen STRLENNULL strlennull Compute length of null-terminated string

__strcmp STRCMPNULL strcmpnull Compare null-terminated strings t007.rpgle

_STRNCMPNULL STRNCMPNULL strncmpnull Compare null-terminated strings constrained t008.rpgle

_CMPTOPAD CMPTOPAD cmptopad Compare to pad t009.rpgle

_COMSTR COMSTR comstr Complement string t010.rpgle

_COS COS cos Cosine t001.rpgle, t005.rpgle

_COSH COSH cosh Cosine hyperbolic t001.rpgle

_COT COT cot Cotangent t005.rpgle

_CPYBYTES CPYBYTES cpybytes Copy bytes. See Limits on Instruction CPYBYTES.

_CPYBO CPYBO cpybo Copy bytes overlapping t013.rpgle

__strcpy STRCPYNULL strcpynull Copy null-terminated string t013.rpgle

_STRNCPYNULL STRNCPYNULL strncpynull Copy null-terminated string constrained t014.rpgle

_STRNCPYNULLPAD STRNCPYNULLPAD strncpynullpad Copy null-terminated string constrained, null padded t014.rpgle

_EEXP EEXP exp Exponential function of e t015.rpgle

_FINDBYTE FINDBYTE findbyte Find byte. See Potential Exceptions of Instruction FINDBYTE. t016.rpgle

_MEMCHR MEMCHR memchr Find character constrained t016.rpgle

_STRCHRNULL STRCHRNULL strchrnull Find character in null-terminated string t016.rpgle

_LN LN log Logarithm base e (natural logarithm) t015.rpgle

__memcmp MEMCMP memcmp Memory compare t017.rpgle

__memcpy MEMCPY memcpy Memory copy. See Remarks on Instruction MEMCPY. t017.rpgle

_MEMMOVE MEMMOVE memmove memory move t018.rpgle

_MPYADD MPYADD mpyadd Multiply-add t015.rpgle

_MPYSUB MPYSUB mpysub Multiply-sub t015.rpgle

_ORSTR ORSTR orstr Or string t003.rpgle

_POWER POWER power x to the y power t015.rpgle

__memset PROPB propb Propogate byte t017.rpgle

_PROPB PROPB propb Propogate byte.
System built-in name _PROPB is available in V5R4 but not available in V5R2. V5R3 hasn't been tested because of lack of test environment.

_RETCA RETCA retca Retrieve computational attributes. t020.rpgle

_SETCA SETCA setca Set computational attributes t020.rpgle

_SCANX SCANX scanx Scan extended ~

_SIN SIN sin Sine t001.rpgle

_SINH SINH sinh Sine hyperbolic t001.rpgle

_TAN TAN tan Tangent t005.rpgle

_TANH TANH tanh Tangent hyperbolic t005.rpgle

_TESTRPL TESTRPL testrpl Test and replace bytes t021.rpgle

_TESTSUBSET TESTSUBSET testsubset Test subset t022.rpgle

_XLATEB XLATEB xlateb Translate bytes t023.rpgle

_XLATEB1 XLATEB1 xlateb1 Translate bytes one byte at a time t023.rpgle

_XORSTR XORSTR xorstr XOR string t003.rpgle

Remarks on Computation and Branching Instructions


Limits on Instruction CPYBYTES

Limits on instruction CPYBYTES

Potential Exceptions of Instruction FINDBYTE

FINDBYTE tries to find the character to search regardless of the offset into the source string. So if the source string does not contain the character being searched, the FINDBYTE instruction might exceed the limits of the space object on which the source string is allocated and a space addressing violation (hex 0601) exception might be signalled.

Remarks on Instruction MEMCPY

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