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UIM Related Tools

Tools designated to help designing and developing UIM applications are listed here.

The Display Panel (DSPPNL) Command

The Display Panel (DSPPNL) command display a panel in a compiled Panel Group (*PNLGRP) object. Panels in a compiled PNLGRP object are usually can been seen when they're opened using the Display Panel (QUIDSPP) UIM API. Also, before invoking QUIDSPP, it's necessary to open the PNLGRP object via the Open Display Application (QUIOPNDA) or Open Print Application (QUIOPNPA) APIs.

The DSPPNL command is convenient for viewing the layout of your UIM panels. Note that DSPPNL displays only the static view of a UIM panel; UIM variables that should be set by your UIM driven programs will not be available.

Parameters of the DSPPNL command are quite simple, the qualified name of the compiled PNLGRP object (parameter PNLGRP), and the name of the panel to be displayed (PANEL). For example, to display the "Display Queue Description" panel in *PNLGRP I5TOOLKIT/DSPQAT, issue the DSPPNL command like the following:


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