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Dear folks, subproject as-400 has just beenlaunched. The name of the subproject is an acronym for "ActionScript and AS/400". This subproject provides supports for ActionScript (the programming language of Adobe Flash) to access an IBM i server via the IBM i host servers.
i5/OS Programmer's Toolkit is a set of tools designed to ease programmers' daily works on an IBM i box(previous known as AS/400, iSeries).

What we're doing?

Want to know what we're currently working on, investigating in, or even worried about? This section might help.

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What's New

What's New in Release 0.2.16?

What's New in Release 0.2.15?

New components and utilities provided by this release include:

Improvement to System-builtin Headers for ILE RPG in release 0.2.15
By now, most system-builtins (bound-program access interfaces of IBM i MI instructions) have been prototyped and tested by this subproject. Number of system-builtins prototyped in mih52.rpgleinc and mih54.rpgleinc reached 190 in this release. And there are now more than one hundred test programs written for them, which are also useful usage documentation of these system-builtins.

In this release, the following system built-ins were added to mih52.rpgleinc and mih54.rpgleinc:

By now, about 190 system built-ins along with related instruction template structures have been prototyped by subproject System-builtin Headers for ILE RPG . Here is a list of system built-ins covered by this subproject.

Latest Changelog of the project.

2010-11-01  junleili-cn  <>

  - _TESTPDC (Test Performance Data Collection (TESTPDC)) added.
  - _MATS (Materialize Space Attributes (MATS)) added.
  - _MODS1 (Modify Space Attributes (MODS)) added.
  - _MODS2 (Modify Space Attributes (MODS)) added.
  - _RSLVSP4 (Resolve System Pointer (RSLVSP)) added.

2010-09-19  junleili-cn  <>

 NEWS: Sub-project Space Tools added.
  - CL command Change User Space (CHGUSRSPC) added.
  - CL command Display Panel (DSPPNL) added.

2010-09-16  junleili-cn  <>

  - Prototype of system state wrapper of MATCTX, the QusMaterializeContext API, added

2010-08-30  junleili-cn  <>

  - _ENSOBJ (Ensure Object (ENSOBJ))
  - _MATRMD (Materialize Resource Management Data (MATRMD))

2010-08-13  junleili-cn  <>

  - _MATTOD (Materialize Machine Data (MATMDATA))
  - _MATMDATA (Materialize Machine Data (MATMDATA))
  - _MATMIF (Materialize Machine Information (MATMIF))

2010-08-05  junleili-cn  <>

 mih52.rpgleinc:  The following authority management instructions added:
  - _MATAU1 (Materialize Authority (MATAU))
  - _MATAU2 (Materialize Authority (MATAU))
  - _MATAL (Materialize Authority List (MATAL))
  - _MODINVAU (Modify Invocation Authority Attributes (MODINVAU))
  - _MATUPID (Materialize User Profile Pointers from ID (MATUPID))
  - _TESTAU1 (Test Authority (TESTAU))
  - _TESTAU2 (Test Authority (TESTAU))
  - _TESTEAU3 (Test Extended Authorities (TESTEAU))
  - _TESTEAU4 (Test Extended Authorities (TESTEAU))
  - _TESTULA (Test User List Authority (TESTULA))

2010-08-04  junleili-cn  <>

 mih52.rpgleinc: The following storage and resource management instructions added:
  - _YIELD (Yield (YIELD))

2010-07-27  junleili-cn  <>

 mih52.rpgleinc: Prototype of _DEACTPG1 and _DEACTPG2 changed.
 mih52.rpgleinc: New example of _RINZSTAT added: t072.rpgle, t072b.c.
 mih52.rpgleinc: The following program execution instructions added:
  - _MATINVS1 (Materialize Invocation Stack)
  - _MATINVS2 (Materialize Invocation Stack)
  - _MATINV (Materialize Invocation (MATINV))
  - _FNDINVN1 (Find Relative Invocation Number (FNDRINVN))
  - _FNDINVN2 (Find Relative Invocation Number (FNDRINVN))
 mih52.rpgleinc: Pointer/name resolution instruction MATPTRIF added:
  - _MATPTRIF (Materialize Pointer Information (MATPTRIF))

2010-07-19  junleili-cn  <>

 mih52.rpgleinc: Object Lock Managment Instructions added:
  - _LOCK (lock Object)
  - _UNLOCK (Unlock Object)
  - _LOCKSL1 (Lock Space Location)
  - _LOCKSL2 (Lock Space Location)
  - _UNLOCKSL1 (Unlock Space Location)
  - _UNLOCKSL2 (Unlock Space Location)
  - _LOCKTSL (Lock Teraspace Storage Location)
  - _UNLCKTSL (Unlock Teraspace Storage Location)
  - _MATAOL (Materialize Allocated Object Locks)
  - _MATPRLK1 (Materialize Process Locks)
  - _MATPRLK2 (Materialize Process Locks)
  - _MATOBJLK (Materialize Object Locks)
  - _MATSELLK (Materialize Materialize Selected Locks)
  - _MATPRECL (Materialize Process Record Locks)
  - _MATDRECL (Materialize Data Space Record Locks)
  - _XFRLOCK (Transfer Object Lock)

2010-07-05  junleili-cn  <>

 mih52.rpgleinc: New Process and Thread Management instructions added.
  - _RETTHCNT (Retrieve Thread Count)
  - _TSTINLTH (Test Initial Thread)
  - _TESTINTR (Test Pending Interrupts)
  - _MATPRATR1 (Materialize Process Attributes)
  - _MATPRATR2 (Materialize Process Attributes)
  - _CMPPTRA (Compare Pointer for Object Addressability)
  - _MATPTRL (Materialize Pointer Locations)
  - _RSLVDP1 (Resolve Data Pointer)
  - _RSLVDP2 (Resolve Data Pointer)
  - _RSLVDP3 (Resolve Data Pointer)
  - _RETTSADR (Retrieve Teraspace Address From Space Pointer)
  - _CMPSWP1 (Compare and Swap)
  - _CMPSWP2 (Compare and Swap)
  - _CMPSWP4 (Compare and Swap)
  - _CMPSWP8 (Compare and Swap)

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